Sales, Service and Rentals of Vertex-Standard Two Way Radios.

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Model: eVerge EVX-530 SeriesDigital radios


VertexStandard VX-350 VHF UHF Protable Radio



VertexStandard VX-900/ Heavy Duty VHF/UHF Portable Radio

VX-2000 Mobile
VertexStandard VX-2000 Mobile Radio

VertexStandard VX-5500 Public Service Radio

VX7000 Desktop Repeater
VertexStandard VX-7000 High Quality Desktop Repeater

Rentals of package lots of radios, for all your event or production needs.
Rentals include headsets, spare batteries and rapid chargers. All  packed in shipping containers.

24 hour live answer technical and operational  support for sales and rentals.

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