Strata CIX200

The ultimate, modular, scalable, networkable IP telephone system for your enterprise.
It’s time to take enterprise-wide communication to a whole new level with the Strata CIX200 — a purebred IP telephone system that integrates voice, data networking, and applications solutions. And one designed to save you money, boost productivity, improve customer service, and deliver a superior return on your investment. And the Strata CIX200 is much more than just an IP system. The Strata CIX delivers on the promise of IP telephony by providing all the features and benefits of traditional business communications systems on a converged IP platform. With new, never-before-seen IP-based adaptability capabilities, it is the most efficient, easy-to-use, and customizable telecommunication system available today.

Customize existing features and create new ones.
True customization comes when you can adapt a solution completely to your needs.

Strata Media Application Server
The Strata Media Application Server connects to the Strata CIX via IP to host a variety of value-added applications integrated within one platform. Applications include:

Configure flexibly and manage growth.
The Strata CIX200 provides the configuration flexibility you want to build the communications system you need now, and expand as your needs grow.

Migrate transparently and confidently.
When migrating to larger systems in the future, you’ll enjoy an exceptional return on your investment by being able to reuse key components, such as telephones and trunk and station interfaces.

Choose versatility and selection.
Your business is unlike any other — different needs, different processes, and different employees. The Strata CIX200 is the telephone system designed to let you build the right telephone to your specifications.

Extend enterprise telephony anywhere.
Today’s enterprise doesn’t end at the company parking lot. It does not reside in a single building or office space, but wherever opportunity takes it. More and more employees are taking care of business and extending corporate or sales capability from home offices, start-up locations, branch offices — even on-site at customer locales, and need communications solutions to connect them all seamlessly. The Strata CIX200 was engineered to help you unify, coordinate, and streamline your communications—wherever and whichever way you work.

Go mobile confidently and effortlessly.
Missed calls and missed opportunities are a thing of the past. From easy access to voice mail and your company operator to being able to take full advantage of your telephone system’s key calling features almost anywhere you go.Take full telephone functionality with you, whether it’s down the hall or into the conference room, regardless of the communication device you are using.

Toshiba cordless digital telephones further enhance your company’s ability to communicate.

Streamline Call Center operations.
Your contact center doesn’t have to be complex to be powerful. In fact, the Strata CIX200 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is simplicity at its finest, running as an application on the Strata Media Application Server. A robust array of ACD features makes it easy to optimize contact center operations, increase customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency. You can very effectively allocate inbound calls among your call-handling agents.

Use intelligently and easily.
Advanced features and high-performance capabilities are easily accessed because the Strata CIX200 was built for simplicity and ease-of-use.

Profit quickly and continuously.
You can improve communications and your bottom line. The Strata CIX200 works to save cost and increase your profitability in so many ways.

Manage conveniently and reliably.
The Strata CIX200 is quick to deploy and easy to maintain using eManager™.

The Strata CIX200 also provides good news for individual users and system administrators.

Strata CIX200 - Specifications

192 Universal ports
96 CO lines/160 station users

Chassis Measurements
Base Cabinet
Width (without bracket): 17.3 in. (440 mm)
Width (with bracket): 19.0 in. (483 mm)
Depth: 16.1 in. (410 mm)
Height: 3.5 in. (89 mm)
Expansion Cabinet
Width (without bracket): 17.3 in. (440 mm)
Width (with bracket): 19.0 in. (483 mm)
Depth: 16.1 in. (410 mm)
Height: 3.5 in. (89 mm)

Base cabinet 16.0 lbs. (7.2 Kg.)
Expansion cabinet 16.0 lbs. (7.2 Kg.)

Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Initially Built In (one per cabinet)

Primary AC Power
Input AC 120VAC, 4.0 amps maximum.
AC Frequency Single-phase (45Hz - 65Hz)
480 watts per cabinet (maximum)

Power Backup
An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is required for power backup on a CIX200. The UPS is similar to the ones used for computer systems and networking equipment.

Chassis Installation
19” Rack-mount (preferred) or Table top.
Standard 19” rack-mounting, IEC297-1 (EIA RS 310-D),
465.1 mm (front face screw pitch - width)

Safety: UL
EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A (Subpart A)
HAC and Volume Control: FCC Part 68
Network safety: TIA-968-2-A

FCC Registration
Hybrid: CJ6MF03BDTCHS192

Operating Temperature
32~104° F (0~40° C)

Storage Temperature
-4~140° F (-20~60° C)

Operating Humidity
20~80% relative humidity without condensation

Voice Mail Compatibility
Strata Media Application Server,
Stratagy ES, iES32, iES16, IVP8

CO Line Compatibility
Analog:  Loop or ground start, DID, E&M
Digital:  T1, ISDN PRI and BRI
IP:  Strata Net IP
E911:  CAMA and ISDN PRI

IP Telephone Compatibility
3 Toshiba MEGACO+ models:

  • IPT2010-SD full-duplex speakerphone with 10 programmable buttons and 2-line x 24-character LCD.
  • IPT2020-SD full-duplex speakerphone with 20 programmable buttons and 2-line x 24-character LCD.
  • IPT2008-SDL full-duplex speakerphone with 8 programmable buttons and large 144 x 128 pixel display (4 shades of blue) with HTML support.

Uniden UIP200 SIP telephone.
802.3af Power-over-Ethernet compliant.
Ethernet switch for PC connection to your IP Network.

Speaker OCA available without additional hardware on IPT2020-SD and IPT2008-SDL (Handset OCA standard on all models).

Digital Telephone Compatibility
6 Toshiba models in charcoal gray color:
  • DKT3201 single-line telephone.
  • DKT3210-S speakerphone with 10 programmable buttons.
  • DKT3220-S speakerphone with 20 programmable buttons.
  • DKT3210-SD speakerphone with 10 programmable buttons and 2-line x 24-character LCD.
  • DKT3220-SD speakerphone with 20 programmable buttons and 2-line x 24-character LCD.
  • DKT3214-SDL speakerphone with 14 programmable buttons and large 8-line x 24-character LCD .

6 Toshiba models in ash white color:

  • DKT3001(W) single-line telephone.
  • DKT3010-S(W) speakerphone with 10 programmable buttons.
  • DKT3020-S(W) speakerphone with 20 programmable buttons.
  • DKT3010-SD(W) speakerphone with 10 programmable buttons and 2-line x 24-character LCD.
  • DKT3020-SD(W) speakerphone with 20 programmable buttons and 2-line x 24-character LCD.
  • DKT3014-SDL(W) speakerphone with 14 programmable buttons and large 8-line x 24-character LCD .

Strata CIX systems are also compatible with 2000-series digital telephones to provide outstanding migration from older systems.

Speaker OCA optional with BVSU installed on all models except DKT3201and DKT3001 (handset OCA standard on all models).

Answer Position Options
20-button Add-On Module.
60-button DSS/BLF Console.
Strata Attendant Console uses PC as phone, or works with external IP-based handset.

User Mobility Options
SoftIPT soft phone client on laptop or tablet PC
   via wi-fi W-LAN.
SoftIPT soft phone client on PDA via wi-fi W-LAN.
Wireless IP telephone support via wi-fi W-LAN.

System Administration
Browser-based unified administration of PBX and voice mail functions.
eManager installation/maintenance for technicians and administrators.
My Phone Manager personal administration for individual users.

Standard System Features
Over 300 standard telephony features to provide the
  functionality you need.

Advanced Application Options
Add valuable options like Voice Mail/Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging, Automated Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Interactive Voice Response, Automatic Call Distribution and Reporting, Voice Over Internet Protocol, Strata Net multiple system networking, FeatureFlex adaptability/customization tools, and more.

Multi-system Networking
Strata Net networking of up to 128 nodes via IP or ISDN PRI.

Feature Customization
FeatureFlex adaptability tools for feature creation/customization.