New Toshiba Telephone Systems are no longer available as Toshiba has discontinuied that business.
Some repair and upgrade parts may be available.
Authorized Toshiba of Canada Telephone and VoIP  Systems

Sales and Service Dealer for Nova Scotia

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CIX200  VoIP System

CIX Rack

Toshiba's new VoIP system with  legacy connectivity for all sizes


CTX40 Click for more information
The cost efective soloution fot the smaller business requiring the latest in features including Voice over IP



CIX100 Telephone System
For Medium-Size Businesses, with large features.



IX670 Telephone System for  Larger Businesses and Facilities

The DP5000 Line of Digital Telephone Sets


Toshiba Voice over IP Telephones

VOiP Telephone sets

Toshiba Cordless Telephones
Cordless Telephones

The Stratagy Voice Processing Line of Voice Mails

IES Server

Toshiba Strategy Voice Mail and Unified Messaging Systems
Voice Mail Systems FAQ

Toshiba Voice Over IP Systems
Information on VOIP Systems

Information On CTX VOIP Systems

Voice Over IP FAQ

Success Stories

Toshiba Of Canada